The Passing Period

February 3, 2009

Pink Slips Are Not Actually Pink

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I was laid off from my job this morning.

This evening, I decided to start a blog about my unemployment. This is that blog.

In introducing myself, I should state that I’m not a sentimental person. I’m mad that I was laid off, and I think it’s a shitty situation, but I’m not going to cry a river. In fact, I didn’t give anyone the benefit of seeing any tears. You know, except for a few people on the street, when it finally hit me.

I worked at the company for 19 months. I assumed my job was safe because I was busy. In hindsight, the work I was doing was not up to par of someone with four years’ experience copywriting.

So I was shocked this morning, but I’m not now.

This morning I was laid off. I had taken the bus to work. I thought about walking home, but decided the bus would be the better option. Today I have done three things:

1) I watched Rocky III. I had started it a few days ago, and I got the feeling that it was just the sort of thing for someone recently beaten. It was.

2) I filed for unemployment. This was on the advice of my creative director, who laid me off. It took a little over an hour. I can’t take money from it for another week.

3) I made lots of phone calls.

I guess I should add a #4 to this. I started a blog.


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